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"If you have no obstacles in your own mind, then outer obstacles will not hinder or worry you."

— Master Hsuan Hua


The Six Great Principles were principles laid down by our late teacher, Venerable Master Hsuan Hua. They were guidelines to encourage us to live a lifestyle that is free and truly authentic. While we understand we are not always perfect, we try our best to live in accordance with principles. 


The Six Great Principles are:


  1. Living in harmony. We take care to live in harmony with others and ourselves. This means we try our best not to fight, not to hold onto our views, or compete with others. We aspire to live by the virtues of humility and kindness.

  2. Living with generosity. We give whatever we have that is within our capacity— material wealth, emotional wealth, or wisdom wealth— to help others. We understand that accumulation does not lead to true well-being for ourselves, nor for others and the natural world.

  3. Living with contentment. In place of looking out toward externals for happiness, we apply effort to looking within. When we do this, we discover over time a happiness that is sustainable, reliable, and fulfilling.

  4. Living selflessly. We let go of cravings for material wealth and self-righteousness, and instead serve the greater good. We expand our sense of self to encompass more and more beings, understanding that others share the same fundamental need for happiness as we do.

  5. Living in service of others. No matter where we are, we apply ourselves within our capacities and skills to serve others.

  6. Living with honesty. When we speak, we speak truthfully and with sincerity. We do not deceive others or ourselves, and we uphold our words.

Buddha Root Farm is run entirely on the kindness of volunteers and donors. As such, we all share in the spirit of Buddha Root Farm together.

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