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2024 Guan Yin Recitation Session

Sanctuary of the Heart


We find ourselves in times of unprecedented uncertainties in society, in the natural world, and often in ourselves. In the midst of unease and anxiety, where can we find a reliable refuge? How can we create an inner sanctuary capable of withstanding external instabilities? And how can we expand this sanctuary of the heart to include our families, friends, and ultimately, all living beings?


As a method that has been practiced for thousands of years, reciting Guan Yin Bodhisattva's name opens the door to the innate, everlasting refuge within. Invoked in times of danger and uncertainty, the quality of a compassionate heart and the wisdom of skillful means have the potential to turn peril into safety and fear into courage. Come join us in the woods of Buddha Root Farm, where we recite the name of Guan Yin and return to the refuge within.


Spaces are limited. Please apply early.


Saturday, June 22, 3:00 PM – Saturday, June 29, 9:00 AM, 2024

Arrival and Departure Times

Arrival day: Please arrive between 3pm-5pm on Saturday, June 22 to check-in, get COVID tested, and set up your camp before nightfall. A light dinner will be served at 5:15 pm. The evening program will begin at 7:30 pm on June 22. 

Last day: The retreat will end on Saturday, June 29 at 9 am. Please plan to stay until the end of the retreat.


This year’s retreat will be led by the Dharma teachers of DRBA. For more description, please see here.


We will follow a daily schedule of recitation, meditation, sutra study, and community work. 


The pandemic has limited the number of participants we can accept. Only applicants who can attend full-time and participate in the full schedule will be considered.

Tentative Schedule

5:00-5:45     Morning Ceremony (optional, highly encouraged)

6:00-7:00    Meditation

7:15-7:45      Breakfast 

8:30-10:15     Morning Guanyin Practice 

10:30-11:00   Meal Offering & Transference

11:00-12:00   Lunch & Dharma Talk

12:00-1:00    Community Service

1:00-2:00      Break & Personal Time

2:00-4:30         Afternoon Guanyin Practice 

**3:30-4:30     Afternoon Discussion (optional)

4:30-5:00        Transference

5:15-5:45    Dinner

5:45-6:15    Cleanup & Personal Time

6:30-7:30     Evening Ceremony

7:30-8:45     Evening Class

8:45-9:30     Great Transference

Age Requirement

This retreat is open to participants 15 and above. Those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or a designated guardian.

Facilities and Accommodations

Outdoor Buddha Hall and Dining Hall: Large group gatherings such as chanting, meditation, classes, and dining may be conducted outdoors. Large event tents may be set up to serve as the Buddha Hall and Dining Hall. This means the temperature can vary widely from early morning to evening. It may be cold in the evenings and early mornings, as well as hot during the day, so please dress accordingly. 


Lodging: Buddha Root Farm does not provide indoor lodging accommodations for participants. Participants will stay in tents or their own vehicles. We ask that you bring your own tent and camping equipment to ensure that you will be comfortable and warm at night. (Note: The loft area inside the Half-can where some women have previously stayed will not be available. Staying at the Half-can is no longer an option.)

Showers and Bathrooms: Several outdoor showers and porta-potties will be available for retreat participants. Indoor facilities are extremely limited. Please be prepared to use outdoor showers and porta-potties during your stay at Buddha Root Farm.

COVID Safety Measures

In order to ensure everyone’s well-being, there will be a Covid test on the day of arrival and regular testing during the retreat. Pre-arrival Covid test may be required. Masks may be required indoors for the first three days. Participants who test positive or develop symptoms during the retreat will need to return home. We also ask that participants reduce their risk of exposure starting five days before the retreat. More details will be shared closer to arrival day.

Minimizing Your Risk of Exposure 5 Days Prior to the Retreat 

To protect everyone at the retreat, we request that each participant agree to minimize the risk of exposure to possible infection five days before the retreat. This includes protecting yourself by wearing a well-fitted KN95 or N95 mask when in public places, minimizing time spent in crowded spaces, and avoiding indoor dining at restaurants. More details will be shared closer to the retreat date.


Return Travel Plan for Possible Infection

If you test positive for COVID-19 during the retreat, you will be quarantined and asked to leave Buddha Root Farm as soon as possible. If you fall ill and cannot independently return home, you will need to ask your emergency contact for assistance. Please advise them of this possibility prior to coming to the retreat. Please also have a backup travel plan for early return in the event that you or your travel companion tests positive, or if the retreat ends early due to community spread within the retreat participants.

The organizing staff is doing everything we can to ensure a safe environment for us to practice together in a community. We wish you health and well-being. 

Service as Practice

Service plays a central role in the overall retreat experience by bringing the Dharma into daily life, supporting others, and creating a sense of community. Every retreat participant will be assigned work duties such as cooking, cleaning, and dishwashing. We hope to foster an environment where work, study, and practice are all integrated into one holistic experience.

Noble Silence

To maintain an inner and outer environment of concentration, we will observe Noble Silence throughout the retreat. However, participants may speak during discussion periods and lectures, and as-needed during community work.

Packing List

Please bring a bowl, a plate, a cup, and utensils for your own use during the retreat. For health and safety reasons, retreat participants will use their own dishes for meals this year. Everyone will wash their own dishes after each meal.

Please bring a tent and the camping equipment you need to stay comfortable and warm at night. Participants may also sleep in their own vehicle. Indoor lodging will not be available this year due to safety concerns.

For a complete list of things to bring, please click here.


Application Process

Please read the retreat and logistics information carefully before applying. Due to space limitations, only applicants who can attend full time and follow the retreat guidelines will be considered. Applications will be reviewed on a weekly basis from now until July. Every application will be followed up by an online interview.


A waiting list will be established once the maximum retreat capacity is reached.


We understand that life sometimes presents unexpected situations. If you are no longer able to attend the retreat, please contact us as soon as possible so we can give your spot to someone on the waiting list. Annual retreats at Buddha Root Farm are in high demand and your spot can be offered to a person on the waiting list.

Paying it Forward

Each retreat at Buddha Root Farm is a gift from previous retreat participants. There is no charge for attending a Buddha Root Farm retreat. At the end of this year’s retreat, if you have benefited from the experience, you are welcome to donate towards supporting future retreats.

Contact Us

​Please email  if you have any questions.

More information to come for 2024


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